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About Us

Company and Mission Statement

      JD Andrews and Associates, Inc. were established as an S corporation. The company's headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA, near Cobb County. The company was established as a result of the efforts of its owners, Jason D. Andrews. Coupled with the Founding Director, there are several Senior Technology Consultants and Associates with a myriad of experience in leading individual, small and large businesses into prolonged periods of growth and innovation.


     Jason Andrews and his Associates has worked as both Business and Technical Consultants in their separate privately-owned businesses. Andrews’ has areas of concentration in Business, Retail, Financial Services, Real Estate, Information Technology and Process Improvement. The Associates experience stems from System Engineering, Process Engineering, Real Estate, Information Technology and Networking and International Business. They possess over 25 plus years of both business and technical experience. The leadership team has worked independently before being hired away to corporations such as Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, Macy's and others. Mr. Andrews is a Shorter MBA graduate and a Doctoral student in Marketing at Argosy University. 


     The services offered by JD Andrews and Associates consists of both consulting and technology repair. JD Andrews and Associates have a team of associates well versed and knowledgeable in Business Consulting and Technology. The consulting line of business consists of business analysis, business process improvement, cost analysis, assessing business needs, real estate, training, human resources, HR, labor practices, investment management and technology consulting. JD Andrews and Associates have a team of associates well versed and knowledgeable. 


     One area that JD Andrews & Associates strive to be the best in is ensuring that businesses have the proper technology, networking,  bandwidth and business resources to handle their business investment and strategies. Revolutionizing how technology and smart investments can redefine and development long term business success.

     JD Andrews and Associates, Inc is an ambitious innovative new company that is attempting to turn the small business consulting business and technology on its head. With experienced consultants at the helm, JD Andrews and Associates, Inc. intends to grow at more than 35% per year through solid customer service, a great sales plan, proven competitive strategies, and a group of people that bring dynamic energy to the company and the sales process.



     The company mission is to serve small business clients that are in need of technical and business strategy services. All projects will be chosen based on the availability of human resources, and each individual contractor will be given the respect of a contract worker, and will share in profits for each job. Politics have no place at JD Andrews and Associates, Inc., and to limit the affects of favoritism, the company will implement and clearly communicate a performance review policy that applies to those at the bottom as well as the top of the leadership ladder. Credit will be given to the person who performed and/or innovatively modified a project, and compensation will be both financial and in the form of commendation.


     JD Andrews and Associates, Inc is a company that respects the needs and expectations of its contractors, employees and clients. If either is compromised, adjustments will be made so that the company culture may remain intact.


     Another area that JD Andrews & Associates strive to be the best in is ensuring that businesses receive the best business consulting possible. Consulting that simplifies business processes to ensure only the most lean and efficient processes are utilized coupled with the most innovative technology resources. 

Organizational Leadership

Jason D. Andrews, Founder and Consulting Director

Mr. Andrews holds an undergraduate Degree from Georgia State University, an MBA from Shorter University and is a Doctoral student in Marketing at Argosy University. Mr. Andrews is a military veteran with over 25 years of business, process improvement and leadership experience.  

Keisha Tory, Chief Management Officer

Ms. Tory has held numerous positions in the areas of finance and medical services. She has managed countless process improvement and reorganization initiatives. Her dedication in advising, directing, improving business protocols has led to an insurmountable growth across several business industries. She continues to assist the Founder in ongoing leadership and marketing intiatives.  

Jonathan Andrews, Independent Consultant

Mr. Andrews holds a Bachelor of Science (BS), Master’s of Science (MSLS) degree in Legal Studies from Kaplan University and credits towards a Doctoral degree. Mr. Andrews has more than 25 years of progressively responsible experience in leadership and development, and Labor related issues, directing as many as 1000 employees in companies with revenues in excess of $10 million. As a guest lecturer, he speaks to unemployed individuals about transitioning into the business world, employers about hiring individuals and briefing companies on current Labor Laws and unemployment regulations. 

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