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Frequently Asked Questions


This is a parking lot for questions and answers for both current and potential clients. JD Andrews & Associates, Inc is dedicated to keeping our clients informed. We want you to understand every aspect of our business.


What is JD Andrews & Associates, Inc.?


We are a full service consulting firm with Branding and Marketing at the forefront. Additionally, we offer individual and businesses ancillary services to help develop and grow their unearthed potential. Providing services that will eliminate waste and lean out processes that will inherently grow profitability. We offer seminars and consulting services that will aid in understanding all aspects of business. 


Do you develop and market websites?


Yes, JD Andrews & Associates create, design and market websites for our clients. We use a number of software, websites and applications to ensure that you have the  most current technology in your court. We strategically map out a marketing concept and plan necessary for growth.


What type of Home/Business PC Support do you provide?


JD Andrews & Associates, Inc. have consultants that are adept at pc repair, software installation, smartphone and tablet repair including network installation and consulting for businesses. We want to ensure after branding and marketing your business, that you have the best technology in order to run your business successfully.  

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