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A Full Service Consulting Firm

No wasteful spending, only solutions designed to shed light on growth and promote expansion

Branding and Strategic Marketing

Branding and marketing services to enhance visibility of your business. Using web designs and social media as marketing benchmarks.

Business Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement tools to increase profit and eliminate waste. Innovative solutions to take your business from an idea to reality. Consulting that ensures continued growth and development..

Training Solutions

Education classes built around solidifying your business position. Business Building 100, Process improvement 101, Computer System Training 200, Software Training 201, Labor Information Services 300, Employment Rules 301, etc.

And more services....

Other services offered upon request such as Website Building, Business Advising - One on One and Notary of important documents and papers.

Real Estate Consulting

Do you have concerns understanding real estate transactions? Or wanting to invest into real estate and you have trouble understanding the process? Bring your concerns to JD Andrews and Associates, the place that can consult you on the best direction for you and your family. With over 18 years of real estate branding, marketing, training, contractual obligations, consulting, advising and sales. 

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